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Originated from our DATANOMIQ management consultancy and aims to increase productivity for value creation and management of companies.

Our AI is easy to implement, secure, and doesn't phone data to US corporations.

Artificial intelligence will change the way we work! We are convinced of this and anyone who follows the daily news about business and technology will believe us. We, the team of DATANOMIQ, have been dealing with IT technologies for data processing for many years. Data engineering for the construction of data lakehouses as well as data science for the production of statistical evaluations is still part of our daily business.

Soon, however, companies will no longer need ordinary software developers, data engineers or analysts to the extent that we ourselves would still like for our business. Enterprise AI will become an integral part of any business organization, taking on both simpler tasks, such as generating text for email, contracts, and other documents, and more complex tasks previously handled by academics in decision-making positions.

With DATANOMIQ ALIEN (Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Integration), we are moving a big step closer to the vision of the AI-driven business world. In doing so, we rely on the most modern AI technologies and create a high-level integration into your individual business world. ALIEN enables your organization to achieve unknown efficiency gains while significantly reducing risks to your business from skills shortages and employee turnover.

Count on your future with ALIEN. On your efficiency and cost savings. It uses its higher intelligence and gets to know your company better than you do in a short time.

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Benjamin Aunkofer

Otrek Wilke



The future of architecture is in your hands

ALIEN creates solutions that deserve to be called AI driven business.

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E-Mail: info@datanomiq.de
Adress: DATANOMIQ GmbH, Franklinstraße 11, 10587 Berlin